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Utah Portraits - 3 Looks in 1 day!

One of my goals for 2020 was to purchase a roll of Seamless Background Paper. I ended up needing it for a shoot, and decided I would purchase one! Since I didn't have a stand for it, I had to rent one from Pictureline, and I decided to make the most out of it and do 3 looks in one day!

The paper ranged in prices, and I got the cheapest one for $31.00 at Pictureline! I actually got a little discount because the papers are priced by color and I didn't know the color I wanted was more expensive so the guy felt bad and gave me the roll for the cheaper price! (use this info wisely) I ended up getting this really beautiful deep red color called "Blaze." It was the smallest size, but worked for my needs.

The first look was the only look I planned ahead of time. I had a cute idea of doing an editorial style shoot with butterflies glued on a model's face. I texted a mutual friend, and asked her if she wanted to model for it and she said yes! I bought a 10 pack of little red 3D butterflies from Micheals for $10 and I was ready to go! I wanted the theme to be all red. I had the model do natural red eyeshadow and a red lip. Heres some of my favorites!

On to the second look. I was waiting to leave for my afternoon classes at SLCC and I wasn't doing anything so I decided to call up a friend and do a photoshoot with her. She isn't a model, and hasn't gotten professional pictures taken before so she had no knowledge on posing. I had an idea to give her a complete makeover and make her into a sexy business woman. I did her makeup, put her in a sleek black outfit and captured away! Here are some of my faves.

Third look! After I was done with my afternoon class, I decided I wanted to do one more shoot, before I had to return the backdrop stand. I called up another friend and came up with a flower petal look. I glued flower petals to her face, and put her in a simple contrasting outfit and got to shooting! Here are some of my faves! (She was also not a model, so I helped pose her.)

Overall, this was the most fun I have had with a shoot in a while. Using a backdrop was so new and exciting! I loved coming up with creative concepts for them, and making the most out of the time I had with the stands. I suggest that we all try shooting on backdrops, and take a break from the beautiful outdoors to try new things!

About Me:

Hi! I'm Olivia. I am a #portraitphotographer based in Salt Lake City, UT! My goal with photography is to make everyone feel beautiful in their own skin. The most beautiful part of my job is hearing how much one of my clients loves their photos, and how they feel confident after seeing them! #utahportraitphotographer #utahphotographer #slcportraitphotographer #saltlakecityportraitphotographer #flowerphotoshoot #butterflyphotoshoot

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