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Best Photoshoot Locations in Utah

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Utah is one of the hot spots for all photographers, and there is a clear reason why. It's beautiful here! There are so many places to shoot that all offer unique vibes, and awesome views! Whether you want to dance in a field of flowers, or take a walk downtown... here are the best locations to shoot in Utah! All photos in this article are taken by me, and subject to copyright.

Indoor Spaces

Utah State Capitol, Salt Lake City

The Capitol is a great place to take formal photos for a dance, mission call, or senior photos. The space is very elegant, and has a lot of unique features and tones. The capitol gets pretty busy, and sometimes wait times for photos on the staircases can be long since other photographers tend to shoot on them for long periods of time. There is also an outside area that features a long hill of grass, and some architectural wonders which makes this a very diverse space, and delivers a plethora of unique photos! This is a great place all year round, to bask in the sun or hide from the cold!

Paradise Palm, Salt Lake City

Paradise Palm is a gardening store in downtown Salt Lake City. They do charge $50 an hour for photos, but I usually take only 30 minutes when shooting here so they let me off with $25 which would be added to your total shoot cost. This is a great place all year round with its vibrant colors, and amazing light. This place is perfect for anyone that wants a bright and happy vibe in their photos!

Studio Space

Renting a studio is possible for any shoot! There will be a studio fee associated with your shoot cost if you decide to go with studio space. There are a number of things we can do in a studio! We can do crazy makeup, paste some flowers on your face, you could hold a disco ball and have a party! Studio space is very flexible with what we can do, and is great for all seasons as well!

Cactus and Tropicals, Salt Lake City

Cactus and Tropicals is another gardening store in Salt Lake City. The fee for shooting is the same as Paradise Palm, but they don't cut the price for 30 minutes of shooting. The plants in the store are very diverse, and it is a big greenhouse so the light is very even. There are different sections of the store that you can shoot at, and they all offer spectacular greenery!

Laundromats, Salt Lake City

Laundromats are a fun place to do 70's themed photos! They offer a bunch of vintage washing machines, and some even have plants inside, and cool vintage soda and toy machines. I know a couple in Salt Lake City, and they are all very old fashioned, and hip!

Your Home!

I have done a lot of shoots in peoples homes! There are many things we can do with it! Boudoir sessions are the most popular for at home sessions but they can be done for anything! We can do a fun shoot with a bath bomb in your bath tub, or even a fun pillow fight with your kids on your bed or couch! Possibilities are endless for in-home sessions!

A Library

Libraries are fun to do some cool edgy photos! Ken Sanders is a Library downtown and it has a very vintage vibe! The Library at the University of Utah is also a huge, more modern but still cool library to shoot at as well.

Outdoor Locations

Salt Air, Magna UT

The salt air is beautiful during all seasons. It gives off beach vibes, and can definitely be used to have a lot of fun. There are also multiple areas to take photos at this state park, so there is some variety. In the winter it gets mucky, but it's still a great place to shoot outdoors all year round.

Silver Lake, Big Cottonwood Canyon

Silver Lake is a state park that loops around a huge lake. There is a long boardwalk that takes you around the lake and offers some spectacular views. It offers a diverse range of nature including tall pine trees, and fields of flowers and grasses. Summer and Fall are my favorite times to shoot here because they are the prettiest times to come here. Winter is also fun, and the lake turns into ice which is fun to shoot in front of! The trek up in winter can be hectic, so if your car doesn't have 4WD or chains, I would advise a spot down in the valley instead!

Sugarhouse, Salt Lake City

I have found a couple neat places in this area that would be cool for a mini session or even some of my longer sessions! the first is this beautiful wall of red berries that line a rustic fence along a road up in the Country Club Area. The berries are there only in the fall. The second location is this pretty street lined with beautiful luscious trees in the fall. The street is in a neighborhood, but it offers some gorgeous scenery along with some cute houses to shoot in front of if you wish. The third location is a parking garage next to Chick-Fil-A in sugarhouse. There is a dope staircase to shoot in, and some edgy lighting on the bottom level. There is also a rooftop to shoot at that offers some sick views of the area!

Poppy Fields, Alpine UT

This place is seriously magical! The poppies are only in bloom for a short 3 weeks in late May to Early June, but it is an amazing spot! It gets super busy though, especially during golden hour. This is a great spot for senior photos or couples photos!

A Stream

This is one of my favorite places ever. This stream is so beautiful, and it offers the most relaxing experience. Unfortunately, it is in a neighborhood and since I know people that own it, they only allow me to access it. If you are a client, we can shoot here, but photographers... I can't disclose the location. This location is perfect for sultry boudoir photos, and even pretty portraits in a dress!

Liberty Park, Salt Lake City

Liberty Park is the Central Park of Utah in my opinion. It is a huge, beautiful park full of pretty trees, a gorgeous lake, a gazebo overlooking the lake, a greenhouse, and so much more! There are so many little places in the park to shoot at so its perfect for my basic or complete package. the best times to shoot here are spring, summer, and fall as it captures the true beauty of the park.

My Backyard!

I have done numerous styled shoots in my backyard! Whether it's an idea for a housewife in the 70's doing her laundry, or a high fashion shoot with balloons, we can create anything in my backyard...(especially with the vintage bath tub the last people left for us!)

Albion Basin, Little Cottonwood Canyon

Albion Basin is a state campground/park that opens to the public the beginning of June or July! It is full of beautiful flowers, and has spectacular views of the canyon. The fee to get up is 8 dollars, which will be added to your shoot cost. There is a long dirt road that takes you to 2 different spots with parking lots! 4WD is recommended, but I can make it up without it. If you are a photographer, please be respectful and stay on the paths. Albion now requires a permit for all photographers to shoot here, because people don't follow the rules.

H Rock, Salt Lake City

The H-Rock is a spot/trail up on the east bench that is home of the Highland High School H-Rock. The spot has views of the whole city, and is a spectacular spot to take some sick night time photos with all of the city lights! There are views of the mountains in the distance as well, and sunsets up there are breathtaking!

Downtown Salt Lake City

Downtown is such a cool place to shoot! There is so much diversity, and it offers so many cool spots! We can shoot on a roof top, we can shoot on the sidewalk in the city, or even at a cool graffiti wall!

Regent Street, Downtown SLC

Regent Street is a cute street that is located in the heart of Downtown, SLC. There are cute buildings along the street, as well as access to numerous parking garages and Main Street. This is a popular location for senior photos, but great for any photos!

Tunnel Springs, North Salt Lake UT

Tunnel springs is a beautiful location in North Salt Lake. It is full of rolling hills, and beautiful tall grass. This location is perfect for couples, and family photos! The grass is green from May-early July, but after that it turns an orangey brown color!

Your High School!

High Schools are super fun to shoot at! Bleachers, and football fields are a cool place to take your senior photos, or even just for fun! We can even go to East High School and do some photos at the key locations for the movie High School Musical;)

That's it!

Those are all of my suggestions for places we can shoot! If you have a place in mind that is not listed here, feel free to let me know because not all locations are listed here!

About the Author,

Hi! I'm Olivia. I am a #portraitphotographer based in Salt Lake City, UT! My goal with photography is to make everyone feel beautiful in their own skin. The most beautiful part of my job is hearing how much one of my clients loves their photos, and how they feel confident after seeing them!

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