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Utah Boudoir Photography - Sorelle Amore Inspired photoshoot

For Valentines day, Katy and I came up with a boudoir concept inspired by Sorelle Amore. If you aren't familiar with Amore's work, she is a body positive influencer in her early-30's that likes to explore the beauty of human anatomy through her creative boudoir style photos.

Our inspiration for this shoot was flowers and nature. I had some fake flowers from Michaels that we took out and played with for the shoot! Our idea was, Katy is nude, and she holds the flowers to cover her private areas. We first wanted to do it outside, in the snow up Big Cottonwood Canyon but when we got up there, there were too many people, and Katy felt uncomfortable. We decided to do the shoot in Katy's house in a little corner where she has a bunch of luscious plants.

Fun Fact: The plant on the close left wasn't ever in the photo! I photoshopped it in because Katy's dresser was there, and it took away from the photo! Here are some of the before photos!

Katy and I decided to throw a sheet on the floor and start shooting on that, and here is how some of those photos turned out! I liked the posing in these, but they weren't my favorites. I wish I had taken more time to think out the placement of the sheet, because the photos look very 2D.

I posted one of my favorites from the shoot on instagram @livvyrosephotography and I decided to include an inspirational caption. I posted it on Valentines day, and I like to always include feel-good captions because I know it can be a sad day for some people. Mostly, I wanted to get across that body positivity is all you need, and everyone is beautiful in true Sorelle Amore fashion!

About Me:

Hi! I'm Olivia. I am a #portraitphotographer based in Salt Lake City, UT! My goal with photography is to make everyone feel beautiful in their own skin. The most beautiful part of my job is hearing how much one of my clients loves their photos, and how they feel confident after seeing them!

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