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Shooting at a Construction Site - Utah Photography

We all know Utah as the state with annoying construction literally everywhere you go. Wether it's in Salt Lake, or on the trip down to Lehi, you will always find at least one construction site. That was the case for me. On a drive through the Country Club in Salt Lake City the other day, I encountered a construction site and I knew I needed to shoot there.

One of the photos I had taken of my model friend Katy had been published in a Magazine recently. We were both really excited about it, and wanted to create more so we could get published again. This lead me to think of the construction site. I was laying in bed picturing the perfect outfit to go with the grey tubes, yellow tractors, and green bushes. That night, I texted Katy and asked her if she wanted to model for the shoot, and she said yes.

The next day was shoot day. We planned on shooting at golden hour to get the direct sunlight. I went to Katy's and picked out the outfit which was a black lace bustier top, a black jacket, and black leather pants. I wanted the look to be sophisticated but boss. I did Katy's eyeshadow, which kinda turned out bad, but you can't really see it in the photos so it didn't really matter.

When we got to shooting, we got a ton of whistles and cat calls. The area we were shooting in was a busy intersection in a neighborhood. People from our school saw us, and hollered at us, and we got a couple people screaming at Katy to "Work it." Since this was an area with a lot of rich old people, we got a couple dirty looks since we looked like reckless children climbing pipes and dirt piles at a construction site. Although, there were rude people that drove by, I am so glad we ignored them and got these shots because the photos turned out AMAZING. Here they are...

In conclusion, we may have done the illegal and took photos at a construction site, but these photos made it worth it. I suggest shooting at a construction site if you are a photographer. There are abstract structures, monochromatic tones, and things for your model to experiment with! Knowing Utah, there are many spots to take sick photos like these, and if you come across one, take a couple photos there!

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