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Hey There!

I'm the gal with the camera.

My name is Olivia! My whole life is dedicated to photography, and I love it with my whole heart! I started my photography business when I was 14! (lil freshie in high school) I loved doing my friends makeup, picking out cute outfits, and taking pictures of them! 

I'm now 18, with a clearer understanding of how to run a business (lol). I started photography because I liked making others feel pretty (even though when it comes time for my close up I get a little nervy.) I never felt beautiful growing up, and when I got my camera and started taking pictures of others and myself, I found it as an outlet to find my inner beauty.

My philosophy as a photographer is to skip the awkward poses, generic lighting, basic locations, and tell a story creatively about who you are! I always think outside of the box, and try to create things that haven't been created before. Believe it or not, a lot of my inspo comes from the alternate tik tok videos I watch at 2AM... I mean like HECK YEAH IM COMING TO THE TREE... AND TAKING SOME DOPE PICS!

I would love to meet you! Photographer, potential client, random person surfing the internet, robot that makes us complete the annoying ReCaptchas on every website... Come say hey!


Hear what my clients are saying!

Abbie, 18

"My photos turned out amazing! The shoot was very fun, and I loved how all of the poses felt natural instead of forced."

Lilly, 18

"Livvy is very professional. She helped answer all the questions I had leading up to the shoot. I loved my photos!"

Gabby, 19

"Olivia is super professional and really knows how to capture the perfect moment. She is also very friendly and makes a photoshoot fun! 


This month's 



Every month I have dedicated a photoshoot to capturing a social issue that I care about. Read below about this months series. 

This months series is about Sexual Assault. With this being a very serious, and heavy topic, I want to advise everyone to view this series with a trusted individual, and if you or anyone you know is struggling with sexual assault, I have linked some resources in the article.

This series is anything but a melancholy, sad representation of sexual assault victims. Through this series, I wanted to capture the fight, power, and strength in victims of sexual assault. This series features 2 female models, uplifting each other through numerous power poses, and sending a message that everyone has the strength to persevere through their experiences. Click the button below to read the article, and see more photos from this powerful shoot.

Donations are welcome, and appreciated for my storytelling series. I put a lot of time and effort into research, and planning the shoots perfectly. If you would like to donate to any of my projects, please do so through my Venmo @Livvyrosephotography.

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